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Spring Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum
Abstract deadline: March 13, 2015
Forum: April 21, 2015

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All Things Science at Mizzou!

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research at Mizzou allow students to explore the unknown through hands-on work with faculty mentors. Learn More Today!



Student in the lab

Life Sciences Departments
Animal Sciences
Biological Engineering
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary)
Fisheries & Wildlife
Medical Pharmacology & Physiology
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Plant Sciences
Veterinary Pathobiology

Departments with faculty involved in Life Science Research:
Chemical Engineering
Food Science
Geological Sciences
Nutritional Sciences
Physics & Astronomy (Biophysics)
Psychological Sciences
Soil and Atmospheric Sciences
Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Relevant Interdisciplinary Programs and Centers:
Conservation Biology

Genetics Area Program

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program
Interdisciplinary Plant Group
Bond Life Science Center

Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center

Thompson Center for Autism

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
Center for Aging
MU Research Reactor
Science Education

Relevant Sites
Bond Life Sciences Center
Life Science Week
Undergraduate Research
MU Life Sciences and Society Program

All Things Science

The Society of Undergraduate Researchers in Life Science Student Club
This student organized and run club holds monthly meetings that include student and faculty presentations, journal article discussions and GRE prep ideas. If you are interested in being a charter member of this club, contact Linda Blockus Participation in this club is not a requirement of LS UROP applicants or interns, however, it is a great opportunity encouraged by the LS UROP.